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"Murder at the Summit: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery" is a triumph in the genre, offering readers a thrilling and intellectually satisfying journey across borders. With a perfect blend of mystery, adventure, and a touch of sisterly charm, Fielding delivers a standout novel that is sure to captivate fans of both the mystery and travel genres alike."
-Reedsy Discovery

Murder at the Summit

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In the latest installment of the Blake Sisters Travel Mysteries, the pursuit of inner peace takes an unexpected and deadly turn for sleuthing sisters Whitt and Finley Blake.


Their journey begins with a coveted prize—a weekend getaway at the luxurious Summit retreat in Palawan. Whitt persuades Finley and their dear friend Charlie Larson to accompany her on this trip of a lifetime. However, tranquility is quickly shattered when a lifeless body is discovered in the lush jungle. A former Miss International, a Bollywood movie star, and  an international yacht-broker cum money-launderer provide an array of  plausible suspects.

As the body count rises, Finley, Whitt, and Charlie must once again join forces with Interpol Chief Inspector Gareth Evans and his new wingman, Cameron Bell to uncover the common thread that binds these murders, racing against time to outsmart the killer before someone else falls prey.

Join this intrepid trio as they navigate yoga poses, savor matcha mousse, and confront ghastly murder in a tale woven with pythons, papayas, and financial intrigue. Murder at the Summit is a thrilling addition to the Blake Sisters' adventures, where the search for serenity takes an unforeseen detour into the heart of danger.

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