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I’m Carter Fielding, aka Mary Carter, but only to family. I am a new writer, but an old soul.

I love old maps, old photographs, vintage records, and vintage champagnes. But I have never turned down a good, mellowed bourbon. A Southerner, with roots upstate in South Carolina, I am partial to old dogs, barn jackets, and the smell of wet earth after a rain.  I have traveled pretty extensively for work and pleasure but not nearly as much as I want. I have a long list of places yet unseen that are on my bucket list.

I am also an insatiable reader. Fiction, non-fiction. Journals, memoirs. Travelogues, commentaries. History, fantasy. You name it, I will read it. What I love best, though, is a good mystery, one that has me scratching my head half-way through trying to figure out who did it, one that takes me to places I have never been before, one that let’s me discover more than just dead bodies, without having to kennel the dogs.

When I say I am a new writer, I mean brand, spanking new! I started writing the Blake Sisters series during lockdown when trips to Harris Teeter and Target failed to qualify as grand adventures. I couldn’t get on a plane in reality but I could jet anywhere in my mind. Then I decided to take others with me on this magical mystery tour and the Blake Sisters Travel Mystery series was born.

If you are a cozy reader with a bit of wanderlust, come with me. Meet new people in distant places.  Get to know Finley and Whitt and the people that they love. Follow the Blake sisters as they travel the world and stumble upon corpses in the most unusual places!

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