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Murder in Montauk

The Blake sisters head out to the beaches of Montauk, Long Island for a girls’ weekend to celebrate Mama’s birthday. Their plans for lots of spa, sun, and sand are interrupted when a body is found on a massage table at the spa, and murder and mayhem ensue.

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Murder in the Medina

Finley Blake thought a plum assignment in Tangier would be the perfect chance to grab some girl time with her sister. But when a crew member from an action movie being filmed locally falls to his death, Whitt and Finley must put their heads together to figure out whether it was an accident – or murder.

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Discovery in Fes

Murder in the Medina Bonus Chapter!

Having rediscovered each other after years apart, Finley and Max tread carefully around each other for fear of another rupture in their relationship. But a chance trip to Fes to research an article allows Finley to discover more than just the sights, sounds and tastes of this mesmerizing Moroccan city.

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Murder In the Tea  Leaves_cvr-v2b.jpg

Murder in the Tea Leaves

Whitt and Finley Blake are heading to Sri Lanka, a place they have been before and couldn’t wait to return to. But this trip, someone is killing off people wherever the sisters go. Is it a coincidence? Is someone after them like they were in Morocco?  Or are they after someone the sisters know? Whitt and Finley need to find out, and quickly, before the body count gets any higher.

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Murder with a Twist

While working in India, Finley and Whitt head to Jaipur. A surprise visitor threatens to upend things for Finley and Max. But first, Finley must put aside her relationship woes to join her sister in finding out who is killing rich old ladies and scattering them around the hotel grounds. 

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