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"An excellent mystery, intertwined with a little romance, monkey business and a travel adventure of a lifetime. A FINALIST and highly recommended." —Readers' Choice Book Awards

Murder with a Twist

While working on a feature story on tribal arts in India, Finley and Whitt take a break and head to Jaipur with their significant others. A surprise visitor threatens to upend things for Finley and Max. But first, Finley must put aside her relationship woes to join her sister in finding out who is killing rich old ladies and scattering them around the hotel grounds.

Finley Blake is having the time of her life in Delhi. Not only is she working on a significant project, but she also gets to be with both her boyfriend, Max, who is based in Delhi, and her sister, Whitt, who is scouting micro-finance deals in India. When Logan Reynolds, a wealthy friend of Finley’s from New York, shows up in Delhi and takes the crew to Jaipur, things head south for Max and Finley. As if that isn’t enough, people start dying and wind up planted all over the hotel gardens. The sisters must pause their lives long enough to figure out who is targeting wealthy, bejeweled dowagers and not cleaning up after themselves.

Tour the iconic Pink City with these wily women in the third book of the Blake Sisters Travel Mystery series as they uncover a twisted scheme of murder and malice.

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