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"Travel and mystery is always a good combination and the author does not disappoint the reader. Fans of Murder, She Wrote will reminisce." —BookLife Review

Murder in the Marshes

There’s a reason we keep fighting the War Between the States…. The North keeps watering down the bourbon. Sacrilege!” Mama

While preparing for her sister’s wedding, Finley Blake, still settling into her relationship with her long-time love, Max, uncovers dead bodies, dry bones and deep secrets that threaten to upend her family and turn the wedding chapel into a funeral parlor.

Finley and Whitt are meeting up in Charleston for Whit’s wedding and have booked one of the stately mansions off Colonial Lake as their Airbnb home away from home. As if managing Mama’s need to feed and tamping down Whitt’s pre-wedding jitters aren’t enough, Finley has to help her sister remember where she has seen the man that turns up dead in the master bedroom of the house they are renting.

Just when things start calming down and Whitt can return to her wedding preparations, bones—and lots of money—start falling from the ceiling and the sleuths are back at it, trying to piece together the clues before the killer finds them out.

The bride and her matron of honor must connect the dots in a hurry or one of the bridal party may end up taking a ride down the aisle in a casket. Catch up with these two Southern sisters in the next in the Blake Sisters Travel Mystery series as they return home and get sucked into yet another puzzling case of Airb‘n bourbon!

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